Thursday, October 30, 2008


So this week I had to be gone for three days from school because of a workshop I had to attend. My kids (HS students) HATE to have a sub! They always claim that any of their bad behavior is directly caused by that particular sub's evil nature. When I got back today, they were practically kissing my feet! They were so relieved to have me back. I felt pretty happy that they like me!


Shannon and Leo's Life said...

who would not love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(but if you don't call me SOON I am going to reconsider that!... LOL... I have given up calling you cuz i never get thru)

livehappy08 said...

Who wouldn't love you Laura?
I'd take your class if I was still in high school!

Kathy M. said...

Of course they like you... you have structure and don't take crap from people but you also know when to laugh... you're wickedly funny, have a flair for drama and are passionate about your subject matter too. In short... you're never boring. :-)

It's always good for the soul to know people appreciate you and with kids you almost need to be gone before you can see that... whether students or your own. :-)