Sunday, April 20, 2008

Photographic Fun

These are a couple of photos Leisha took when she was experimenting with her new camera during her photography class at Weber. I like the mellow look of both of these photos. The field where Jared is playing his cello was under five feet of snow from December through late March. Today is April 20th, and it's only in the last two weeks that we've been able to see ground cover again. The winter has been brutal!

The Offspring

This is the most current picture taken of Leisha and Jared. You can see one of our log-home arches behind their heads. The beanie hat is Leisha's new and improved way of styling her hair when it's wet. She puts it on, leaves it on for a few hours, and then when she takes it off her hair is somewhat wavy and not so frizzy. Jared's main hair-styling method consists of keeping it very short to keep it under control.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sheepish Moments

A neighbor's sheep escaped from their pasture and made their way onto our property to nose around for some food. Notice the inquisitive look on this sheep's face.

Our Bengal leopard cat observed the invaders with interest from a safe perch on our wrap around deck. He seemed to recognize that fellow mammals were ahoof and also seemed to recognize that they came in peace.

The proverbial black sheep made his appearance.