Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Odds 'n ends

Me trying to be "cool" in Jared's sunglasses. He told me I didn't quite achieve my goal. He thinks I look "mom-ish."

A couple of random pix I wanted to add. This is from Jared's summer Air Force encampment at Camp Williams. He's second from the right, back row. He seems to be taking the Air Force thing pretty seriously. It freaks me out to see him in military gear: reminds me of Jeff in his younger days.

Jon, Leisha, and Jared doing a group back rub at Lake Powell. I liked this picture.


Shannon and Leo's Life said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My baby boy in military gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously am going to have a breakdown if the "babies" grow up anymore! LOL I just can't face reality.
I am going to go pout now. :(

Leisha Rohwer said...

ooo. i think you look pretty cool with those glasses

Kathy M. said...

That backrub thing totally reminds of of Chorale rehearsals back in the day. We'd often do that s part of our warm-up routine. :-)

You'll always have "cool" Laura... it's in your genes. :-)