Sunday, November 2, 2008

Homemaker Extraordinaire, or... Mormon Muffins!!!

Yum--Yum!!! These muffins are so delicious! I got the recipe from a local restaurant that is known for their muffins. They are loaded with bran, and buttermilk gives them a nice, rich flavor.


Shannon and Leo's Life said...

Oh yummmmmmmm, those actually look great! Well, anything you bake or cook is great... I REMEMBER!!!!!! Now I need "taste-a-net" so i can taste them from CT!
love you

Kathy M. said...

What? No recipe? When I saw the headline I was expecting you would not just tantalize us with muffins we can't have... but would supply the ingredients list. :-) They look great... almost like there's a lot of egg white in them to give them a meringue sort of look on top.

Leisha Rohwer said...

ooooooh! I love the picture on the top... House wif House wiFF