Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas Fun! Be sure to check out my mom's funny puppet video at the end.

Jared trying to open a present on Christmas morning.

Leisha and Jeff at Carol's on Christmas day.

Matt's oldest son, Spencer, on Christmas day.

Laura on Christmas morning in Huntsville.

Jon's sister Madi with Ashlyn's cat Sherbet. Jon's mom Lynda in background.

Jared with one of the giant icicles on our deck.

Leisha and Jon at Carol's.

Jeff, my mom, and Ashlyn at Carol's.

Leisha and Jon at Carol's.

Carol's son Taylor at our house (he didn't take the green hat off for 7 days).

Jared with Matt's darling daughter Ellie at Carol's.

Ashlyn (Carol's daughter) with Matt's two cuties: Sophie (left) and Ellie (right).

Ashlyn with the beloved Sherbet creature.

We got about 10 inches of snow on Christmas Eve and morning.

Jeff and Laura Christmas morning in Huntsville.

Jared trying to look tough in his dreadlocks.

Leisha cross-country skiing on our property the week after Christmas.

Laura and Leisha at Carol's.

Jared and Laura Christmas morning in Huntsville.

My mom performed a Christmas puppet show with her magical dancing wooden man that she got in Nauvoo, Illinois. The person guffawing in the background is my brother, Matt.


Kathy M. said...

Nice to see your mom. :-) Thanks for sharing that. I just barely saw it, since last night I didn't want to make any excess noise. I saw the photos but it was so late and I didn't want to disturb Ron with typing a comment. Great pictures! :-) Someday there will be some grandchildren in them also. (Not trying to rush anyone!)

I loved the Christmas letter you sent... thank you. :-) Amazing that you still have that cat... how old is he now? Getting up there. Maybe his breed lives longer... plus you've taken such good care of him all these years.

Leisha Rohwer said...

I like the pictures! Will you email them to me?