Sunday, January 25, 2009

And the party continues! New Year's Eve fifth annual 24-hour bash in Huntsville, Utah!

Jeff "listening" to the BYU game.

Laura and her mama (Vauna).

The New Year's Eve "hot babes": Carol, Leisha, Laura, Vauna, Ashlyn

Laura, Jared, and Leisha (in one of her RARE shots away from Jon!)

Mike (Lynda's husband) working on a tough puzzle

Carol and Laura

Kids living in basement room that Jeff put in this last year. They lived down here for at least seven days, only coming upstairs to get food every so often.

Madi (Jon's sister) engrossed in another book.

Jon and Leisha playing xbox (Leisha is wearing her "duck" face)

Lynda (Jon's mom). Notice how she still looks great even with no sleep and no makeup!

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Leisha Rohwer said...

Haha. Yeah. Sure. I can see that dad is listening so intently to the game.