Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wedding Plans, Part I

This is one of the pictures Leisha was considering for her engagement announcement, but we talked her into a different one. This one, however, is quite nice.

We have decided that she will be doing her own flowers--she developed quite a gardening knack last year while helping a neighbor up here get her yard ready for a wedding. She also has a good eye for plant combinations--so she's already got some nice looking pots (in different shades of green) with some interesting flower combinations growing in them. Her colors will be green, white, and yellow. (Or should I say--sage, cream, and pale sunflower?)

It also looks like we'll be doing some of the food service and set-up: the caterer we had contacted earlier, and who delayed getting back to us for four weeks, was charging an extravagant amount for tiny bits of food. So that is still in the works. The wedding invitations are done and have already arrived--now all we need are the photos and we'll be ready to mail them off.

Meanwhile, my sister is whipping her backyard into shape for the outdoor reception: she's putting up a new fence, bringing in fully grown trees, adding lots of flowers, redoing her deck, and putting in new deck stones around her hot-tub. This wedding was the perfect excuse for her to spruce up her yard, and she jumped at it!

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